World Health Organization vs. Scientists on e-Cigarette Controversy

Controversy on the electronic cigarette is pitted among health professionals, e-cigarette users and even scientists against the proposed ruling of the World Health Organization to include the device as compared to that of tobacco products as harmful and threatening to life.

Over the past two years of its emergence in the market, the e-cigarettes became popular among smokers who wanted to quit the habit so they switched to the battery-powered devices.  Tobacco smoking, classified as an unhealthy lifestyle or habit was set aside in favor of the e-cigarettes as it emits vapor instead of smoke and does not contain tar.

Sales of the e-cigarettes skyrocketed as more and more smokers are switching and the flavored e-liquid satisfying their taste.  Even the biggest cigarette manufacturers Altria and Reynolds American Inc. have launched their own e-cigarette brands and vapor products to compensate for the tobacco cigarette loss.  There is one vapor shop in Atlanta wherein it carries lots of vapor flavors to fit the different tastes and lifestyles of each e-cigarette consumer.

With the rise in e-cigarette popularity and sales, the World Health Organization is very adamant on setting a regulation on its distribution.  WHO has cited these devices as a health threat and possible gateway that can start the users to substance or nicotine addiction.

Health professionals and even scientists from Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia who are doing research on the effects of e-cigarettes have disputed that these smokeless products may be a likely solution to let the heavy smokers veer away from tobacco cigarettes.  These devices may well be the best way to treat smokers instead of being health-threatening to the users and could save lives if used appropriately.

Gerry Stimson, one of the scientists who organized the research and an emeritus professor at the Imperial College in London says that he finds the statement of WHO as bizarre.  He also wanted the scientific and health community to be vocal on their protest before the regulation gets to be signed.  Stimson is one of the scientists who wrote an open letter to Margaret Chan, WHO Director General to oppose against the smokeless community alongside the big name tobacco companies.

Another reason for the controversy is the ban on e-cigarette use at the Ohio State University which began in January because of the citation saying that the e-liquid used by the device to be turned to vapor and is inhaled by the users contain nicotine.  This concerns the Dr. Peter Shields who is a deputy director at the Wexner Medical Center that e-liquids can be purchased by minors online and they can be addicted to it if not poisoned.

Shields also stated that this can also lead to the introduction of smoking to adolescents as many of those who smoke started as early as 11 years old.  This is also one of the reasons being insisted by WHO that e-cigarettes serve as a product that can lead to toxic substances which are harmful to one’s health especially in young people.  They are also concerned on the flavors which may appeal to children like chocolate, candy or ice cream flavors that may or may not contain nicotine.

US Academic Wants the Government to Label E-Cigs as ‘Medical Devices’

Due to the rising number of smokers in the U.S, one professor from Harvard has called on the Government to regulate electronic cigarettes. Prof Gregory Connolly disagrees that if the e-cigarettes are left unregulated, they will serve as the universal remedy for the tobacco by discouraging adults to quit, while encouraging children to use. But, if regulated, then e-cigarettes will serve as a miraculous device in encouraging people to quit smoking. If asked how ecigs can help people to quit smoking, the answer is probably because people shift their lifestyle from traditional cigarettes to this latest device.

Prof Gregory Connolly was in Dublin recently to mark the tenth anniversary of the workplace introduction smoking ban in the RCPI (Royal College of Physicians of Ireland). He pointed out that the only reason why he was there is to tell the leaders to pass a regulation regarding e-cigarette as a medical device. It is very essential for him because he wants a fast track system for the same. When there is a smoking ban, the State will gain a good leadership and moral virtue.

Prof Gregory Connolly said that last year, EU has rejected the proposal on e-cigarettes regarding the classifying of e-cigarettes as one of the medicinal products. It was rejected because it is hard for their country to be generous to e-cigarettes. In Ireland, there are surrounding trends and other studies that show how the world works in 2032 as the children that were born today will benefit from a smoke-free environment. But, he is scared by the consequences.

The fact that if e-cigarettes put off people by quitting smoking in a way that it promotes a dual use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If this reverse of situation happens, the progress done in Ireland will be possibly gone. E-cigarettes help to keep hold of addictions through using both (the device, and of course the traditional cigarettes). The problem isn’t about the number of people smoking cigarettes, but rather the duration of their smoking habits. In a given situation, a person that smoke 20 cigarettes per day and quits at 37, the person can still enjoy the fit and healthy lifestyle. But, a person smoking 10 cigarettes per day and will continue to do so, is more likely to pose a fatal condition. The point here is that reducing your cigarettes from 20 to 10 does not make sense at all. If the smokers are unregulated, e-cigarettes are more likely to recruit a next gen of cigarette smokers.

Prof Connolly is left in question regarding the allowing the industry of tobacco to design and market e-cigarettes. He wants an independent research to be done on e-cigarettes. Today, the industry implements “human trials” before they start implementations to other experiments on whole countries. Certainly, the Government should ban children below 18 years old to smoke e-cigs. Despite the strong controversy, he admitted that the device would help people to quit smoking traditional and inhaled cigarettes which are known to cause health related diseases.

Minnesota Senate to vote for smoking e-cigarettes indoor

Minnesota has joined the number of states that wants to ban indoor use of e-cigarettes.  This regulation might be the same as applied to tobacco products.

Although there is still the difference between cigarette smoking and e-cigarette vaping, lawmakers see it as the same and should be restricted to be used in restaurants and in the home.  This is what they believed as being exposed to the vapor emitted by e-cigarettes and the chemicals that go with it.

Most Senate members did agree on prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors to lure them away from using them early in their life.  This is also to avoid using of the liquid chemicals being used in the e-cigarettes to produce the vapor.  And keep them away from being poisoned as reports were received on the rise on consumption by children of the e-liquids as reported by the Minnesota Poison Control Center.

Rep. Will Morgan of Burnsville, said that as a physics teacher, they still have to see concrete evidence that vapers will pose a threat to people around them once they inhale the vapor coming from their e-cigarettes.  Science should be looked into when making a hard decision on the ban.

Minnesota has seen the emergence of the e-cigarette industry as it has some 200 retailers which are doing well.  A high percentage of those have just opened last year showing that this business is booming and has still the possibility to go higher.  But with the proposed ban, business owners are expressing their concern on the outcome when it becomes a law.

Retailers claim that business is brisk because many long time smokers have switched to the e-cigarettes.  They feel that it is bringing them to quit smoking which they have tried to do to no avail.  With the e-cigarettes helping them to stop smoking the tobacco cigarettes, they invest in buying the latest accessories and the liquid that emits the vapor.

Smokers say that e-cigarettes were stripped of the tobacco content but nicotine is still present.  Use of the e-liquids can vary from their favorite brand of cigarettes to sweet or fruity flavors.  Nicotine can also be adjusted depending on the strength desired by the user.

Switching to the e-cigarettes has become a first step to quit smoking but with the foreseen total restriction on the use of e-cigarettes indoors, this may backfire as the users may go back to the traditional smoking.

Director of the Minnesota Wholesale Marketers Association Tom Bryant has appealed to the lawmakers to study carefully the proposed restrictions on the use of the e-cigarettes.  As a representative of the tobacco merchants, he said that this will greatly affect the e-cigarette industry and the users as well.  Instead of making smokers find an alternative, they would look elsewhere.

Senate has yet to make a vote for the proposed bill.  Advocates of the use of e-cigarettes can still be amended.  They are hoping that restrictions will not be that harsh and will be beneficial to all concerned.

Will E-Cigarettes End the Tobacco Industry?

Tobacco manufacturers face a strong competition in the now popular e-cigarettes.  It has put a scare among the farmers in North Carolina as the tobacco capital has shown a sluggish pace since the emergence of the e-cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes contain pure tobacco and emit smoke, which also makes the people around second hand smokers.  While e-cigarettes has a mechanism that emits vapor when the liquid nicotine is heated.  It is battery-operated and has different strengths of the nicotine content.  Nicotine flavors or e-liquids vary from the famous brands to sweet smelling candy flavors.

According to Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, e-cigarettes are now a trend that has invaded both men and women’s smoking lifestyle.  If there is good news, there is also bad news:  there will be less demand for tobacco products and less work for tobacco farmers.

Nevertheless, North Carolina is still fighting to be the leader in the tobacco industry.  The reason being the Big Three Tobacco also wants to become the high earner in the e-cigarette business.  Extreme measures are taken because they are into manufacturing e-cigarettes and putting big money for its advertising to create more awareness.

According to a tobacco and e-cigarette analyst Bonnie Herzog, big name companies like Lorillard are getting more aggressive in seizing the opportunity to market their own brand of e-cigarettes.  They are making better devices and acquiring companies that are already established in the e-cigarette industry and introducing Blu with powerful marketing strategies.  With this move, Lorillard has captured almost 50% of the market share in the e-cigarette category.

While another big name tobacco company, Reynolds American Inc. is about to launch nationally its own brand of e-cigarette which is developed mainly in the United States named Vuse.  They are also preparing to market it nationally as the test selling in Colorado has been successful and made half of Colorado switch to their brand.

Will the biggest name in the tobacco industry Altria be left behind?  Their MarkTen e-cigarette brand, they are looking for a second quarter nationwide launch after a fruitful but quiet test marketing late last year.  It has attracted more smokers to switch to their e-cigarette brand.

There were also speculations that due to slowdown of tobacco business, these manufacturers have dropped its manpower in the last two years although no definite figure is given.  What they are foreseeing is if the e-cigarettes are selling well, then it will still make jobs available for many people.

The good news here is that with the surging sales of e-cigarettes, more and more smokers have switched as they have proven that it is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.  Plus, if the big name companies are making it, then it must be worth the switch.

The Big Three are putting their big bucks in heavy marketing to create more awareness on their own brands of e-cigarettes.  Will they forego of their bread and butter tobacco products?  These companies have done it before and will do it again with their newest baby, the e-cigarettes.  Backed by their think tanks that have thorough knowledge of the market and with their profits, they are just getting bigger and bigger.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Wants Volunteers for Their E-Cigs Study

 The medical researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute are interested to learn about the side effects of smoking e-cigs and they want to determine the link between them. They want to conclusively prove that whether it is safe to smoke e-cigs or not, as compared to their traditional counterparts. And for this reason they are conducting a historic study and they need volunteers for the same. The Buffalo-located Roswell Park Cancer Institute is in the need of 180 volunteers and if you think that you can help them in this study, then here is your chance to shine.

Electronic cigarettes have crept up slowly but steadily into our system and up till now there haven’t been many scientific studies on them to determine their levels of toxicity and other effects. Recently the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban the e-cigs in public spaces and needless to say, the e-cig manufacturing community was miffed at the proposal. They were all up in arms against this move and they said that the decision isn’t based on any facts, figures and scientific data at all. So, in a way the study being conducted by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute would certainly help to prove things one way or the other!

The analysts and medical researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute said that one doesn’t need to be a smoker to take part in the study. And don’t worry, you are not going to be punctured by needles either! The researchers would only test your nicotine levels and they would ask you’re a few elementary questions about your lifestyle and subject you to an urine sample, a nasal swab and a breath test too.

The study will be divided into different groups and would consist of people who are non-smokers, smokers, e-cig users and those who smoke both e-cigs and the traditional cigarettes. The nicotine levels of all the groups would be collaborated and then compared side by side to see if vaping is a good habit for people who are trying to quit smoking or not.

“It takes that mental edge off where you’re like I can’t chew or I can’t smoke, but you can do this and still get the nicotine and gradually wean yourself off of it to the point where you’re not dependent on anything and that’s the biggest mental leap that you gotta take because some people can quit cold turkey and I’m amazed by it. I’m not one of those people,” according to Kevin Kegler, who used to be a tobacco user in the past.

“We want to find out how much nicotine users of electronic cigarettes can get from these devices. We also want to know if these devices can reduce risks of getting cancer, being exposed to different chemicals from tobacco smoke,” according to Dr. Maciej Goniewicz.

To enroll in the study, you need to call Roswell Park Cancer Institute at the phone number 716-845-4916. And in case, you finally get selected for the study then you also get a gift card worth $50.

CVS’ Move to Stop Sale of Tobacco Products Is a Shot in the Arm for Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers

CVS’ CEO Larry Merlo recent announcement of renouncing the sale of tobacco product from their stores has been an unexpected shot in the arm for the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes (E-cigs). Larry made the announcement when he appeared for the CBS show – ‘CBS This Morning’ and he reinforced that it was a step in the ‘right direction’. The move has surprised a number of industry experts, as CVS stands to lose sales of about $2 billion from their stores.


However Larry Merlo was emphatic about his decision and he said that he was concerned about the Americans who are suffering from chronic diseases. He reportedly said that, “There’s a growing focus and emphasis on healthy outcomes, managing chronic disease and, by the way, more than half of all Americans today suffer from one or more chronic diseases, as well as a focus on controlling and reducing health care costs.”

For all those people who were planning to quit smoking due to the numerous adverse health concerns, the news couldn’t have come at a better time. Statistics and reports over the previous quarters show that the cigarette usage for Americans is falling drastically and there are numerous factors like increased prices, peer pressure and health factors, which are responsible.

The electronic cigarette manufacturers community is quite ecstatic with this decision and they have applauded CVS’ noble thought. The CEO of VMR Products (V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture) – Andries Verleur said that he was in favor of CVS decision and asked them to start the sale of electronic cigarettes in their stores. He also added that he wanted to create a tobacco-free generation and thus, was in the business of electronic cigarettes, which do not contain any tobacco and thus are safe from the toxic and adverse side effects of cigarette smoking.

tobacco products cigarette ban CVS CVS Move to Stop Sale of Tobacco Products Is a Shot in the Arm for Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers

It ought to be mentioned here that the sale of electronic cigarettes are increasing by the day and the analysts at Well Fargo have predicted that this year, they are predicting a sale of $1 billion in the electronic cigarettes and accessories category. For the uninitiated e-cigarettes is basically an electrical device, which turn e-liquid into vapor, with the help of an heating element. The vapor seems like smoke and depending on the choice of the smoker- may or may not contain nicotine and other flavors. This way, the e-cigarettes are able to simulate the experience of an actual cigarette barring all the adverse side effects associated with it.

CVS’ decision to ban the sale of tobacco products from their stores on grounds of humanity is really remarkable, all the more because of the fact that they stand to lose financially from the decision too!


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E-Cigarette Industry Continuously Growing, Can It Outspace Tobacco?

The tobacco industry is booming! It went from a few million dollar industry last 2010 to a whooping $1.7 billion industry last 2013. This 2014, Analyst Bonnie Herzog of Wells Fargo Securities said that the industry might score more than $3 billion in sales through traditional stores and online sales of electronic cigarettes.


All of these did not come as a surprise to us as we know for a fact that Electronic cigarettes are far better alternative to smoking. With the wide array of benefits that it can give you including more freedom to smoke it, no more tar, no more body odor, environment friendly and most importantly a healthier life without all the harmful cancer causing chemicals that traditional cigarettes have.


Now the question that everybody is asking is that “Will E-Cig Sales Outpace Tobacco?”


Even with an already high percentage of growth, E-cig sales are still just a tiny percentage compare to the sales of traditional cigarettes all over the world. It still hasn’t even scratch the surface of the tobacco industry but the rapid growth is a positive sign that many someday, these smart alternatives would not be the alternatives but already the mainstream. As a vaping enthusiast, we do hope this happen and we will have a better community without smoke. The statistical growth is not the only sign that E-cigarettes can probably outshine tobacco in near future.


First, traditional tobacco manufacturers are already having interest on the trend. In fact, last 2012, Lorillard one of the biggest tobacco player maker of brands such as Newport and Kent had purchase Blu cigs, one of the top-selling e-cigarette brands. Nowadays, Blu cigs are more powerful than ever as it can now be find at any gas stations and groceries in the US. Attention: Try Blu cigs today at a discounted price by using this Blu cigs coupon we found at, get as much as 25% your total bill when you use this Blu cigs coupon code. Other tobacco companies that are taking its fair share in the E-cig market are June Reynolds America maker of Camel cigarettes, Altria makers of Phillip Morris and many more. Other brands such as Zigzag partnered with V2 cigs to make a E-liquid that taste like their cigarettes and exclusively sell it to people.


Secondly. celebrities and big personalities are also helping in the growth of E-cigarettes. Many celebrities are promoting the use of E-cigarettes like Katherine Heigl who guest star in the David Letterman show and vapers her way on TV, she even gave a great speech about E-cigarettes. Celebrities are also caught during their private times to be vaping like Leonardo Di Carpio, Charli Sheen, Paris Hilton and more. E-cigarettes are also being used as props now in both movies and television shows. “The tourist” shows Johnny Deep vaping at the train and “Two Broke Girls” introduced their new character Sophie with an electronic cigarette on her hands.


It’s not all positive though as there’s an enormous amount of scrutiny and criticism being placed on the electronic cigarette industry nowadays by FDA and government institutions. The reason for this is unclear as we cant see why they want to stop something that can save lives and make a better environment. Some of our hunch are, they are jealous of the success of E-cigarettes and want to tax it as high as tobacco tax, they dont want the tobacco industry to go down as their tax remittance would also go down, they are jealous of too much freedom of E-cigarettes so they want to regulate it. One thing is for certain though, these regulations are not going to help the industry, and consumers could be left with higher prices and reduced selection. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FDA had recently discussed a possible ban on the online sale of e-cigs to prevent sales to minors. Luckily, as of today, these instances are still not hindering the success of E-cigarettes. However, it’s for sure that without all these negative comments, E-cigarette industry would even be bigger.


In conclusion, E-cigs industry nowadays is still fairly small compare to tobacco industry. However, electronic cigarettes are wonderful devices and we believe that there will be a time that it can outspace Tobacco sales. So watch out!

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Are Electronic Flavors Really Enticing Children To Smoke?

v2 cigs flavors  Are Electronic Flavors Really Enticing Children To Smoke?

Electronic cigarette critics say that because of the fruit and candy flavors of electronic cigarette liquids, it is enticing children to try e-cigarettes and smoke in an early age. What they fail to mention is that these sweet flavors are being enjoy by adults too and is helping them quit smoking.


A survey published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health asked a total of 5000 participants gathered through online forums, social media, advocacy groups and other sites. Of the participants, more than 90% were former smokers and the mean age was 40 years old. They asked questions such as What are their favorite flavors, how frequently do they switch flavors? Why do they switch? Importance of flavors in your vaping experience and many more.


The result of the survey is quite surprising and interesting


– 70% of vapers choose fruity and sweet flavors, especially those who have completely quit smoking rather than tobacco flavors.
– A huge number of these percentage also had been vaping without the nicotine because it seems that the flavors are already enough for them to enjoy vaping.
– Cherry is the most popular fruity flavor while Drink-themed flavors are the most popular sweet flavor.
– Fans of tobacco flavors are first time users and those are still smoking while they are also vaping.
– The majority of participants prefer a wide range of flavors and think it’s a “very important” factor when trying to quit or reduce smoking


What the survey tells us it that sweet and fruity flavors really help people quit smoking. Furthermore, they also help them be nicotine free, and being nicotine free means that you are not addicted to anything at all. Rather than pointing out these facts – that sweet and fruity flavors help adults quit smoking and can save their lives from the harmful effects of smoking – the media and other critic group focuses on claiming that E-cigarettes only makes smoking cool add up its sweet flavors and it is a perfect new fad for minors to try. But does it? Do electronic cigarettes really entice children to smoke?


First off, we need to think, are E-cigarettes the only one who had been offering sweet and fruity flavors? No it is not the only one. Alcohol companies have been offering fruit and candy-flavored liquor drinks for years. Flavors such as Fruit Loop, Strawberry Shortcake, Pina COlada are just some of the flavors that had been on the shelves of any convenience stores in the US. However, did the critics slam them? No! They have been cool with it for years. Secondly, we need to think, so what if children will be entice on the flavors, can they buy it though? E-cigarettes are harder to be purchase than traditional cigarettes, alcohol and other vice around. This is because most transactions are made online and with a credit card. Children and minors dont have credit cards yet and most importantly “ALL” E-cigarettes brands strictly dont allow 18 years old and below to purchase in their site. Unless they’ll get their E-cigs from a black market (which all vices have) they cant get their hands on it.

When Your Battery Doesnt Last Too Long

e cigarettebatteries When Your Battery Doesnt Last Too Long

This article will tell you what to do when your battery doesnt last too long. A lot of things will affect how long your battery will hold a charge for. So read on.


First of all, if you are using your E-cigarette battery a lot, then you might be killing it. It’s like any electronic gadget – the more you charge it, the less power it will hold. All electronic devices need replacing every once in a while when someone use it very often. This is why we strongly recommend to have more than one batteries for your E-cig. In this way, you have an batteries to interchange from time to time and it would not be overuse. Other factors that kills your battery are: leaving the battery to long in the charger and always failing to charge the batteries and let it completely die on you before you start charging it.


If however, you feel that your battery is not lasting long enough but it’s always been that way, then maybe you need a more powerful battery. There are many types of batteries out there and some are more powerful than others. For example, V2 offers a shorty, regular and long batteries as well as their Ex series batteries that is the most powerful of them all. Vaporzone also offers different batteries in different power ranging from 350mAh – 2000mAh.